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Hello and welcome to my website! My name is Charles R. Smith, Jr. and I take pictures and write children’s books for a living. Some of you may have heard of my books about basketball and some of you may have never heard of me at all. It doesn’t matter because there’s something here for everybody. I am constantly updating the site, so if you’ve been here before check out the What's New links on the right.

I have tried to make my site as fun and informative as possible so hunt around! Want to play a game? Click on the basketbell at the top of the page and see if you can get it in the basket!

As more of my books come out and more projects come along I will be adding more to the site for you to see. Now that you’ve been here once, I want to be sure that you come back! Enjoy!

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I Am the World

"In this slim volume, photography and verse come together to present a youthful showcase of diversity, beauty, strength, and joy. A powerful jumping-off point for children beginning to study their own culture and those of the youngsters around them."
- School Library Journal

Brick by Brick

"An excellent title that provides an admirably accurate picture of slavery in America for younger readers."
-KIRKUS Review

And check out the write up in the NY Times Book Review


Stars in the Shadows

“Writing in snappy rhymed couplets, Smith delivers a play-by-play, inning-by-inning account of the second annual East-West Classic, held in Chicago in 1934, an all-star face-off between the best players from the Negro League.”
Publisher's Weekely


Pick Up Game

“Such luminaries as Walter Dean Myers, Bruce Brooks, Rita Williams-Garcia, and Robert Lipsyte examine the ways in which players, wannabes, and hangers-on interact in the vibrant, freewheeling subculture of inner-city playground hoops.”
School Library Journal



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