My Programs

My Life, My Books

lifebooksUsing PowerPoint this presentation focuses on me, my books and my life. Since I have books from grades K through 12, I can tailor it to each grade. A typical day is three group presentations, usually two grades each in elementary and one grade each in junior and senior high school. No size limit.




Writing Workshops

Pump some power into your language arts program with my Poetry Put to Work writer’s workshop. Aimed at students in grades 3 and up (and faculty as well!), my writewkshpworkshops focus on the strength of individual words to instill confidence and promote creativity in all types of writing. This workshop is limited to 25 students due to the participatory nature.




 Photography Workshops

photowkshpLearn how to make pictures and not just take pictures in this hands-on workshop. Students can use school provided cameras, or their own cameras and smart phones to learn the basics of photography. We begin in the classroom and then pair up to put new skills to work. This is also aimed at grades 3 and up and limited to 20 students.




Skype Visits

Yes, I now offer Skype visits. In addition to my group presentation and writing workshops in a Skype call, I can also do a question and answer format for students or faculty. If you choose to book a Skype visit, a “run-through” will be done prior to the call at the same time as the booked call to avoid technical difficulties.


 Books Brought to Life Residency

This unique residency will allow students and teachers to bring any number of my books and poems to life using stage production. Due to the unique nature of this liferesidencyprogram, duration of the residency is tailored to each school.





Special Events

speceventsOver the years I’ve done numerous types of events so feel free to ask for anything you don’t see here. These include PARP nights, Teacher In-Service, student-teaching workshops and family-oriented festivals.